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Dropkick Me Jesus Through the Goalpost of Life

Nothing is Real (Except Me and my Monkey)

27 April
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♪ It's Real Love. ♪

"Life is a lot like Jazz-It's best when you improvise"
-George Gershwin.

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My name is Amanda "Toasty" _______

  • I love everything. I hate everything, too. It really all depends on how I'm feeling.

  • Obsession of the year: Football. Obsession of the decade: The Beatles. Obsession of eternity: Kaza

  • I'm a Tiger. Rawr.

  • Don't make me love y-- Too late.

  • Sometimes I don't finish my sente

  • I hate it when people unnecessarily repeat themselves.

  • I hate it when people unnecessarily repeat themselves.

  • Kaza is my best friend in the entire universe. I love her more than everthing and I'd shank a fool for her. I'd get shanked by a fool for her, too. No problem. Be waaarned~

  • You probably think I'm some obessesive freak. You're probably right.

  • I play the Trumpet, Clarinet, Piano, and the guitar. Currently longing for a Trombone. Can own some bitches on Tuba.
  • He's the boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B.


    Too many to name! MADEAAAAA!


    I-I don't read much. But I did thoroughly enjoy Les Miserables, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and The Godfather. And Julius Caesar. But that's only 'cause Adam made that play EPIC.


    Guitar Hero, The Call Of Duty series [Only the ones set in WWII], Grand Theft Auto, Samurai Showdown (ffff Mary), C-C-CLOCK TOWER, Rock Band, Animal Crossing, The Sims, and other shit.

    Hello, Dolly.


    I am the FUCKING Jeremy Hilary Boob, Ph.d of LIVEJOURNAL.

    kazahayakudou is sweeter than cotton candy!

    Despite my ancestry being fully German and living in Swampland, USA all my life, I am actually a Spaniard. Apparently.

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    "All music is folk music...I ain't never heard no horse sing a song..." - Louis Armstrong.

    I support Team for the World Cup

    World Cup thingy made by pomino

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    Credit to barubaron for the sweet layout, and to minjii for the adorable header.

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    156th army band, a capella, a hard day's night, acoustics, amnesty's koolaid addiction, axis powers hetalia, beignets, being a potato-bastard, big band swing, blue jay way, brandi, brazilian football fans, buddy holly, cake, cavities, chromaticism, clarinet, cooking, cupcakes, dead languages, dead musicians, derpderp, dethklok, discordant noise, dr strangelove, drawing, embarrassing-kaza-with-dirty-portuguese, especially kaza, europe, everything, falsetto, flapjack, football, george harrison, gershwin, giving stuff away, glenn miller, goodbye chains kills, grape jello, guitar, gumbo bitch, hannah, hello i love you, help!, history, house m.d., idyllic futuristic life, italian, jazz, john lennon, kaza/toasty's many aus, keita's chestface, kittens, kyle (that bitch), legato, liking things, louisiana, lsu, macca-rena, magical mystery tour, metalocalypse, mints, motown, music, my new wife kaza, my not wife josh, not bleu cheese, not shawn, nzambi, obvious italian fetish, paso dobles, penis waffles, piano, portuguese, postcards, pritty-hairs george, prog rock, psychology, purple kujos, rain, ray charles, reino pulpo paul, rickrolling coach wilson, sardinia brutus elizabeth, satchmo, shiva-george, soul, spain, spamano hurhur, spanish, spicy food, star trek, stella, strawberries, superman that ho, surrealism, syncopation, synthesizers, the beatles, the sims, tiberius, tomatoes, traveling, trumpet, turkish guy at rally, vinyl records, wessels, what am i saying, whatever-these-things-are-that-kaza-sent-me, zydeco